All about me!

Hello there, I’m Bethany Robyn!

BR aug 16

This is me!

Most of my days are spent being a Freelance Events Producer and in between, I like to spend as much time as possible with a pencil or paintbrush in hand.

I always loved art, but I was a very serious young person and I wanted to take the academic route. I couldn’t wait to grow up, have a responsible job, own my own house and pay bills. (I know, I know, who on earth looks forward to paying bills?!)

Then, I actually grew up, and I left my responsible job, I finally own my own house and I am so over paying bills. So now, I want to embrace all things joyful and whimsical and bring a little bit of childhood magic to adulthood.

I can be found on many corners of the internet, if you’re feeling sociable come find me on instagram and facebook, if you think you might like to buy something that I’ve made, check out my cards in my etsy shop or the many bits and pieces available on my redbubble store, or if you’d really like to grab my attention, email me at

I hope to see you here again soon,


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