Best Christmas Songs to get into the Festive Spirit

To get ready for the festive season, I start my Christmas cards in summer. 

I turn on my Festive Times playlist, so I can dream of winter wonderlands, whist sketching in my summer dresses with an ice lolly. One year, I ended up listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks on repeat for weeks to try to channel wintery vibes.

Then, just after I send my cards to print, Christmas songs sneak onto the radio. Apologetically at first, so sorry to interrupt your usual Autumn programming, but by mid November, they are everywhere. Every radio station, every shop, every advert, impossible to avoid.

As I work from home, I’m spared the endless onslaught of terrible festive tunes and I’m free to ease into the festive spirit, only listening to my favourite ones!

So, I know I should start at the bottom and work my way up to build unnecessary tension and intrigue, but I can’t. I have to start with my number one Christmas song, because it is the perfect start to the festive season.

1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Specifically, the Michael Bublé version.
Oh my gosh, the gentle twinkly opening of this song is guaranteed to get me in a Christmas mood and once he starts singing. Swoon. It’s Christmas. Love it!

2. White Christmas
Who isn’t dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones we used to know? Christmas is meant to take place in a gorgeous snowy winter wonderland, movies say so.

3. Let it snow
Since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. If, however, we really need to get somewhere, it would be ever so helpful if it could just be chilly and bright. Not sure how these lyrics didn’t make the final cut.

4. Baby, it’s cold outside
I love the back and forth in this song, and essentially any excuse not to leave the house.

5. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
It’s like an old fashioned Christmas Eve singalong by the fireplace. I don’t even have a fireplace, but what can I say, I get very nostalgic around Christmas!

6. Christmas wrapping
This may seem a bit out of place with all my favourite traditional big band choices, but it is one of my favourites for decorating the tree! Going from scrooge to festive elf while dancing around the living room.

So these are my favourite festive tunes to get me in a Christmassy mood. Who knew I was so into big band classics? Did I convince you to seek out the Bublé Christmas album, (honestly, it’s pretty much all you’ll ever need) or am I missing out on some modern classics? 

I would love to hear your favourites!


Confession time. I was listening to all the tunes while writing this, but then I started singing and dancing along and had to pause my music in order to actually concentrate and write. On the plus, it really helped me pin down my favourites, but it’s also why I have a top 6, rather than the traditional 5. Seriously, who has a top 6 of anything…