2018 Catch up – September

I was doing so well, I’d finally caught up on my posts, but then it felt so weird posting about the month as it happened… so here we are, posting about September in January!

September feels so long ago. I was working on a crazy project; in the last week before the event, each day we cut something more from the show. It went from a full day conference to a one hour presentation in the space of 36 hours. The camera crew were sent home after rehearsals and told they didn’t need to attend show day and the main concern was whether we were going to need a new rubber after erasing all of the cues from the show book!

So to combat the craziness at work, art at the weekends was my way to relax. My September art was pretty nostalgic, revolving around back to school.

I loved school and I’m still a bit of a stationary nerd. I love a tidy notebook and can’t stand it when someone scribbles in it – it’s a little ridiculous, but people know not to mess up my notebooks.

I’m so glad we never had to plan a back-to-school outfit, or worry about what to wear. It was hard enough finding the right backpack and pair of shoes; a full school wardrobe would have been such a nightmare. Although, when I was in school, my sketchbooks were filled with dream school uniforms – I thought we should all be able to wear cool bootleg trousers and roll neck jumpers… It was the 90s and 00s… they were cool then… kind of…

I am happy to say that my sense of style is marginally better now – I hope!

I love a boatneck top and I love a long or midi skirt (although more often than not, I take the lazy jeans option), so I am trying to introduce these more into my wardrobe. Admittedly, so far, they are mainly just in my artwork.

This digital illustration ended up becoming my September illustration for my calendar.

Funny story – originally, I had a completely different drawing for the calendar first draft. I showed it to my Step-Dad and he was not keen on it, at all, although he tried to be polite… My Mum suggested this one and I came up with one hundred and one reasons why this will never work. Wrong shape, wrong style, wrong medium, wrong colours, it would just take too much time to force it.

As I’m sure you know, I don’t really react well to change, but if you give me a little bit of time, I’ll come round. However, I’d like to point out that it did take quite a bit of time to make this illustration work for the calendar, but it was more than worth it, as so many people have said it’s their fav! Typical!

So, that was pretty much it for September! It’s quite nice remembering autumn on a bright but chilly winter day in January, it reminds me how quickly the seasons change and it won’t be long until the first buds of spring are here.