2018 Catch up – August

Seeing as I’ve already listed this year’s Christmas cards on Etsy, it seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up on August!

It was actually way back in August, that I started working on this year’s festive cards.

I was meant to go up in a hot air balloon with my Mum, but due to a strong breeze we were grounded and we had a day of painting instead! Mum’s holly wreath is the vibrant, colourful one on the left (the first design in the Christmas card set, which just so happens to be available to buy here) and mine is the pale, slightly sorry one on the right that didn’t make the cut!

It was so lovely to spend the afternoon sketching and painting with my Mum, even if her illustration did put mine to shame! What can I say, floral-type wreath things are just not my forte, but it created the perfect opportunity to feature one of my Mum’s designs in the Christmas card pack.

My Mum inspired my love of painting, so I’m pretty excited to share her art with the world!

Also in August, I did a digital update of one of my favourite illustrations from 2014.


It’s so rewarding to see the progress I’m making year on year, although there are bits from each version that I like and dislike, I think the pose is stronger in the watercolour, but the values and proportions are better in the digital version! I know I’ll never paint a ‘perfect’ illustration and that’s ok, I like to think it’s the imperfections that make it interesting!

Another sketch that got a digital update this month was my holiday girl.

It’s not my usual colour palette, but I love how warm it makes me feel (especially seeing as I’m typing this in October, with a hot water bottle and pink roll-neck knitted jumper on), I wanted to go overboard with my yellowy highlights to give the impression of the warm summer sun, as it starts to go down on balmy August evenings.

Ah, now I miss summer, only 153 days until the clocks go forward again… anyway, moving on…

I also got the opportunity to do an adorable family portrait as a 30th birthday present for one my high school friends, Polly.

Her husband contacted me out of the blue with the request, which I absolutely loved doing, even if it did mean that I spent a slightly uncomfortable amount of time filling my laptop screen with their family photos for reference! By the end of it, I did feel a bit stalker-ish, but she liked it, so it was all worth it!

The last August illustration I wanted to share was my summer watermelon sketch.

I saw this amazing watermelon skirt on pinterest, and it was so cute, I just had to illustrate it… and then buy it!

Did it take 2 weeks to arrive from China? yes. Had the summer pretty much ended by then? yes. Was it super creased and a weird material that meant I couldn’t quite figure out how to smooth it, until the boyf’s Mum took pity on me and ironed it for me? yes. Have I only worn it around the house? yes. But does it look quite fabulous with a boyfriend hoodie and spotty socks? definitely yes!

I have no regrets, even if Loki is judging me!