2018 Catch up – July

Well, July was rather warm wasn’t it?

If discussing the weather is a very British thing to do, then this summer, we Brits have been living our most British life. Every social media post, every text, every phone call, every single bit of communication started with the weather. Which, admittedly, is not at all out of the usual, but was a little excessive, even for us.

If this is a sign of things to come, I fear for my garden and, you know, the world in general…

But to sum up July in one phrase, it would be: ice cream weather.

So this is my July 2018 illustration!

This July, my apparent obsession with purple bunnies continued – I didn’t even realise my preference for lavender rabbits, until I looked up whilst painting this and saw another purple bunny illo on my wall, reminding me of yet another purple bunny I drew earlier in the month!

I don’t know if I’ve even ever seen a purple bunny toy before… I would totes be up for a starry night pj set though 🙂

This month, I met my bestie for a lovely spa afternoon. This is the fourth or maybe even fifth time we’ve seen each other this year, and we’ve already had an August meet up since – we are set for a record year! I don’t think we’ve seen each other this much since we were teenagers, both living at home 4 doors away from each other!

Such a lovely afternoon 🙂

I also got a bit of procreate practice in this month. This cutie is based on a sketch I did on the train last year, and I love her new colourful iteration!

Yellow and purple polkadot hair bow? Sign me up!

I also did an illustration of one of my fav bloggers – Suffolk based Hannah Gale. Am I slightly biased towards her East Anglia location? maybe! Is she funny, relatable and seemingly a lovely person? definitely!

Finally, this July was Loki’s fourth birthday! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already since our house was overrun by little kittens. Look at their absolute adorableness! Too cute!

I mean, he’s still pretty cute, but back then he was TINY and cute! I have to confess, I’m not 100% sure which one Loki is, but I’m pretty confident he’s one of the middle two!

And that brings me to the end of July! Another month done, only another 5 left in 2018!