2018 Catch up – June

June was rather a mixed month…

It started with stress, pressure and deadlines, culminating in a 24 hour install onsite, and ended with a leisurely rest of the month trying to recover from the stress!

The lovely, second half of the month was mainly spent on the sun lounger in the garden, enjoying the sunshine from the safety of the umbrella shade. I’ve realised that if I haven’t been able to tan in the first 30 years of my life, it’s unlikely to happen now, and pasty white is better than lobster red!

I literally took the time to stop and smell the roses! This is a tequila sunrise rose, so pretty!

I also got back to painting. It’s quite strange, when I’ve had a bit of a break from art, I get really nervous to start again – what if I’ve forgotten how to sketch or how to paint, what if I waste a page in my new sketchbook? I find reasons (excuses) not to start – I only have a couple of hours spare, I don’t know what to draw, I’m not inspired, it’s too hot to watercolour, it’s too dark to sketch – I can find excuses for days.

I’m happy to say, when I finally got something into my sketchbook, I was quite pleased!



My circus girl is a cutie, she reminds me of old Paperfashion illustrations, which were my main inspiration to start painting again back in 2012. I so desperately wanted to be able to paint like Katie Rogers, and six years later, I’m a tiny bit closer – progress!

I also wanted to add a bit more variety to my sketchbooks, so lately, I have started to sneak in a few animal illustrations.

Cows! I love cows, with their cute, wet noses and sticky-outy ears. These aren’t terrible for a first try, but I’ve just noticed the one on the left has very different sized eyes… and now that’s all I can see! I’m going to blame the paintbrush…

I also experimented a bit more with my iPad, this time using the Adobe draw app. I think I prefer the Procreate app, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’ve used it more? I am nothing, if not, a creature of habit!

This is based on a birthday photo of the adorable Nova Larson. I am so jealous of her awesome unicorn inflatable, next pool day I am definitely tracking one of those down in refusing-to-be-an-adult size.

As I may have mentioned, at least a dozen times, I still haven’t quite perfected how to use my lovely giant printer to create prints for my etsy shop, so Loki has generously given the printer a second life as a cat bed! Hopefully it won’t be full of cat hairs when I finally figure out how to do the prints!