2018 Catch up – May

May is the best month in the year. It’s my birthday, the sunshine starts, warm coats get swapped for light-ish jackets and best of all it’s my birthday… did I mention that already?

This birthday, I turned 30. I was dreading it. So much so, that I decided my boyfriend would like to take me to Rome to cheer me up.

It worked! I loved Rome. It rained almost every day, but we got to walk around the colosseum, see the fancy ceiling painting and eat so much delicious Italian food, it was amazing!

Once we got back, I even had a few days off with my sketchbook, although my super long summer break got cut down to six days and I was back to work. To be honest, my bank balance is pretty relieved about that, and seeing as I’ve ended up having most of June and July relaxing at home, I really shouldn’t can’t complain!

So in May, I illustrated my fabulous summer girl, currently adorning all of my Bethany Robyn headers. I’m really hoping to change my headers with the seasons, so Autumn is up next (not that I can even imagine chilly weather at the moment!) – but my track record for regular updates is pretty terrible, so it might be summer all year round here!

May is also the month of mermaids on instagram. My feed is flooded (pun absolutely intended) with fishy friends all month long, so I try to join in at least a few times! #mermay if you want to check it out!

I even went digital for one mermaid, I’m so moving with the times – or should that be tides… Sorry, not sorry!

May is also the month of the Met Gala, and one of my fav looks this year was Kerry Washington’s golden style. She looked like the actual sun, so gorgeous!

The last May illustration I wanted to share was this portrait of bloggers Abby and Preston. This photo is from their engagement shoot and they reached out to illustrators from all over to create art for their upcoming wedding. I was delighted to join in, their happiness and body positivity is adorable and infectious, it was such fun to illustrate.

So that’s pretty much it for May. Only June and July left to catch up on, then I will be all up to date, yeay for me 🙂

I hope you’re managing to hide from the heat, I can’t believe how long this heatwave is going on for! Surely there much be clouds and rain soon, my weather app is bored of showing me the same sunshine graphic!