2018 Catch up – March

After the snow of February, March began with bright sunshine!

For the first week in March, I was in Barcelona, delivering the most stressful project that I have ever worked on.

I’d been working on it since January, and it was a relief to finally get it underway. We had a few kinks and hiccups, but all in all the client was very happy and that’s really all that matters!

Mid-March, after recovering and recharging since Barcelona, I went to see the Winnie the Pooh exhibit at the V&A with one of my uni friends.

Here’s me, having a ‘think, think, think’ in Pooh’s thoughtful spot!

We spent ages enjoying EH Shepard’s illustrations and standing on the pooh sticks bridge, and of course, I had to buy a few books and prints, just for reference, you understand!

With more time on my hands, I watched way too much tv on Netflix: Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why being firm favourites, and got back to my sketchbook.

Then I was looking ahead to the next project and planning a Hen Do for Easter Weekend!