2018 Catch up – February

This year, February rushed past in a snowy blur!

The project I was working on throughout February took over my life/brain/soul completely, so it’s a bit of a relief that its the shortest month of the year!

At the start of the month, before the project really got going, I still had a bit of time, so snuck a snowy angel and dancing girl into my sketchbook.

I also managed to get some new cards printed to stock up the etsy shop, however, it then took me 2 months to get them on the site as I didn’t have time to do the photographs!

At the end of the month, I rewarded myself for (almost) getting through the project with an early present: an iPad pro. Immediately, I downloaded the procreate app and got drawing, to rather mixed results!

This is one of the only ones I’m willing to share from that first few weeks of experimenting!

So, as I’m sat here relaxing on my sun lounger in the summer sun, February feels like a lifetime ago and I can feel myself putting on those rose-tinted glasses and thinking: ‘it wasn’t that bad… was it?’