Sunrises and starry skies

For the last few months, I’ve been starting my week by posting golden sunrises and starry skies on my instagram.

I love being able to be free and loose with my paintings which is something I can’t do when I’m illustrating characters!

lake forest sunset

Through these landscapes I’ve also been looking for inspiration for travel. Me and the boyf are hoping to go on our first holiday in over 4 years (4 YEARS, so long!) next year and we cannot decide where to go.

mountains sunrise

Do we go for a big holiday, one of the ones we’ve always dreamed of? Or is that too much pressure for the first holiday in years? Should we do a warm-up-holiday, that gets us ready for the big holiday a year (or a few years…) later?

ely sunrise

Do we stay in Europe? Do we go further afield? Do we go lazy beach days or cultural exploration? Ahh so many decisions… I think by the time we finally decide, we’ll definitely be in need of a decent holiday, wherever we end up going!