Yeay, new cards!

Woo hoo, finally, I’ve added some new cards in my etsy shop!

This week, I’m adding 9 new cards to the shop, with another 12 to be added next week!

On top of that, in order to make room for all this new stock, I’ve put some older cards on sale, as well as adding some multi buy options to the shop, all of which can be found in my special offers section!

Ooooh, and I redid all of my product photography – it’s all change!

So, without further ado, here are the new cards launching this week:




Thanks for being such a fungi!


Tee-rrific Dad

mum penguin1

Wonderful Mum, penguins

mum ring1

Wonderful Mum, flowers


Updated otterly adorable card – will be in the shop on Friday!


Elephant cuddles – will be in the shop on Friday!


Panda snuggles – will be in the shop on Friday!

party sheep1

Party sheep – will be in the shop on Friday!

Woo! I’m so excited to get these all in the shop this week! I’d love to hear which one is your favourite! Mine has got to be the party sheep, it’s been in my sketchbook for years, I’m so glad it finally gets to strut it’s stuff in the real world!

Tune in next week for the next etsy update 🙂