Mermay 2017

Now that we are well into June, here’s a round up of my Mermay 2017 posts.

Starting with an oldie, my mermaid and squishy jellyfish friend! I really need to come up with a better name for this illustration, please any suggestions are welcome!

mermaid and jellyfish1

I have this design printed on a little tote bag, and it’s so adorable, I think it’s my favourite! If you’re curious, you can find the tote bag here along with prints, stickers, cards and travel mugs.

The below sketch of a shower mermaid style is probably my least favourite one, but I couldn’t leave her out!

showering mermaid style

So far, I haven’t added her to my redbubble shop, but if she’s lucky, she might sneak into my next batch of uploads!

Next, we have otter snuggles!

mermaid and otter

This one will definitely be added to my redbubble shop soon!

Now, we have a sweet sea horse friend!

mermaid and seahorse

I really enjoyed getting carried away with her watery hair, but my favourite bit has to be that pink cutie! They’ll be added to redbubble soon with the otter snuggles.

Finally, my first and original mermaid!

mermaid monday

You may have seen her on one of my mugs, which you can find here along with all the usual paper-y suspects!

It’s been great having my instagram feed filled with mermaids, but I’m quite happy to wait until next May for it to happen again!