February update

February feels like it has gone in a flash!

At the start of the month, I was at home, really trying to focus on how to grow Bethany Robyn. I was prepping illustrations for redbubble, I was exploring options for art prints, and most importantly, I was spending my days with this impromptu set up, sprawled across the living room:

on my desk

However, for the last few weeks, I’ve been spending every day in a london office, wishing I’d made the most of those days from home and had started thinking about the redbubble and prints process a little earlier!

at the window

Thank you so much for all of  your suggestions for prints via facebook and instagram. Next week, I’ll narrow the choices down to the first 5 prints to order!

This one seems to be a popular choice:

winter mum and baby

I was really hoping the below illustration would be a contender, but it hasn’t even made the suggestion list – it just goes to show how the artists favourite is almost never the popular choice!

the spy

From next week onwards, I’ve got time again to focus on my art, so I’ll get stuck in to arranging these first prints, adding them to my etsy shop and increasing the designs available in my redbubble store! And even better than that, I’ll be able to get my paints out again!