I’m on Redbubble!

As you may be able to tell from the title, I’ve now added some of my illustrations to Redbubble!

Redbubble is a website where I can upload my illustrations and they handle all of the printing and distribution of them on lots of products – notebooks, phone cases, art prints, mugs, etc etc, lots of stuff! Check it out here.

So, in theory, all I need to do is pop my artwork up there and then everything is taken care of!

I ordered a few tester products and I’ve got to admit, results were mixed!

The first item I received was my spring fox illustration on a cute little mug.

fox mug

I’m not 100% happy with the colours, they seem a little overexposed (radioactive fox anyone?!), but I’m hoping it’s just due to printing on a shiny ceramic surface! It’s certainly doing a good job for my afternoon tea 🙂

The next items that arrived were my giraffe and otter illustrations on tote bags.

tote bags

I’m so disappointed with these! I had super high hopes of strolling into town with a cute giraffe bag on my shoulder, but it’s not to be. Again, the colours aren’t quite right, faded and a bit weird, and the illustrations are soft/blurry because of the print being so large – which on the one hand, is my fault for sizing it wrong, but on the other hand, they looked brill on the mock ups, so i didn’t realise!

As I’m unhappy with these tote bag prints, I’ve removed any fabric versions of illustrations from the redbubble shop. Hopefully, I’ll find a solution and then we can all walk around town with Bethany Robyn tote bags!

The last item to be delivered was my ducky illustration as an art board print.

ducky print

I’m so happy, it’s an adorable addition to my shelf 🙂

So, definitely a mixed reception for my test products!

Currently, I’ve got 12 animal illustrations uploaded on the site, each of the designs is available on a variety of products (click on the illustration to see what other products are available) and I’m planning to add some of my childrens illustrations later this week.

Please have a look at my redbubble shop and let me know what you think!