8 weeks old tomorrow!

After starting to worry slightly that we were going to end up with 5 adorable puss cats on a permanent basis, today we finally confirmed the new homes for two of our little kittens…

Now I’m really sad that we aren’t going to end up with 5 adorable puss cats on a permanent basis.

I had it all planned out, this was the perfect excuse to buy a gorgeous farmhouse deep in the countryside, private woodland and stream optional but preferred. Then we could get a couple of dogs, possibly huskey-esque, some fat fluffy chickens and maybe even a little piglet. I would, of course, expect squirrels in my woodland and perhaps a couple of ducks in my stream, but that might take time.

So now it’s back to reality with a bump, much to our bank accounts’ relief, and we only have two more weeks of a crazy kitten filled home (with no private woodland or stream), then we’ll need to get used to just having 1 degu, 1 big kitten and 2 not-so-little kittens – I can’t imagine I need to worry about having a quiet house again for quite a while!

So here’s a look at them today, the day before they reach 8 weeks old:


The top two are the two leaving us, aren’t they just the cutest! Lucky new owners! Top left is Tom, she’s a big purr-er and likes lots of strokes, top right is Ghost, she is a soppy snuggly kitten except for when she’s chasing jingly balls.

We are keeping the bottom two, who are also super cutie pies! Bottom left is Loki, he’s rather mischievous and loves his dreamies, bottom right is Bitey, we can’t quite seem to decide on a proper name for her (we are open to suggestions!) as one minute she’s a feisty hunter, the next she’s snuggled next to us on the sofa!

We’re so lucky to have had these gorgeous puss cats with us for the last 8ish weeks and we’re going to be so sad to see Tom and Ghost go to new homes. Maybe when I get my farmhouse we can get some more lovely kittens…