Making the most of Summer

With just under two weeks of August still remaining, it seems that summer has slipped away.

This week I’ve dug out my little scarf and jacket and contemplated bringing out the boots to combat the recent chill.

Ok, so anyone that knows me may be aware that I can be a little quick to over-react to cold weather – there is nothing worse than being constantly cold because you didn’t put on a thick enough jumper (except perhaps wet feet, which is my ultimate clothing-based nightmare), but still the weather has definitely taken a step towards chilly and brisk rather than warm and breezy.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent the summer wearing jumpers in our air conditioned office, or because we had such a sunny start to July, but I definitely feel like this summer has snuck by all too quickly.

I love snuggly layers as much as anyone, but I’m not quite ready to pack away the shorts and flip flops just yet.

I painted this back around Easter time, when we went on a little family boat trip and I had dreams of spending the summer in sun dresses and wide brimmed hats, trailing my fingers in the River Cam as we took impromptu punting trips in Cambridge… Needless to say, I’m a little short on summer dresses, straw hats embarrass the Boyf and the only times we went to Cambridge this summer it chucked it down with rain!

dreaming of boats

I may just consider this extremely advanced planning for next summer! Did you make the most of the sunshine or are there things on your next-summer to do list?