Indie and Meeko

With all of my excitement around the kittens, it could be easy to forget that the first little arrivals to our household were two adorable little degus, that we got exactly 2 years ago tomorrow.

I was at the Reading Festival with my bestie, it was so much fun, seeing the Cure, Foo Fighters, GreenDay, Paramore and dozens of other brilliant bands.

In the months leading up to this, me and the Boyf had been making regular trips to the pet shop on days off just to have a look at the fluffy little animals hopping and jumping around their cages, but always deciding it wouldn’t be a good idea to get pets while we were renting our little flat.

But on the way home, travelling through central London after 4 days without showering, I got a text from the Boyf: there was a surprise waiting for me at home! My imagination immediately went to the adorable little creatures we’d seen at the pet shop, but I knew he was far too sensible to have got some pets while we were still in the flat, so I didn’t get my hopes up.

The Boyf met me at the station and walked me home, with a good couple of metres between us because of my general unwashed state! As we came out of the lift, I was getting pretty excited, he hadn’t let anything slip.

As we came in the door I casually rushed into the living room, and straight in front of me was a huge metal cage and two of the cutest little things ever bouncing from shelf to shelf. It turned out cute totally won over sensible!

We named Indie first, it was an easy choice, he was an adventurer, always the first out of the cage and exploring his surroundings. Meeko was always a little more interested in the treats on offer, just like the Disney raccoon.

That was August Bank Holiday 2012, now 2 years later, my two adorable degus have become just 1 adorable degu.

Degus are amazing little animals, filled with personality and energy. They come to the cage door to greet you, they argue which way to run round the wheel, they rearrange the cage if things aren’t quite how they like it, they go crazy for nuts (they prefer monkey nuts to cashews), they love tackling the stairs and hiding amongst cables, they aren’t scared of cats, they get annoyed if you don’t let go of the nut, they like sitting in hoods and big pockets and they snuggle up together to go to sleep.

Now there’ll just be one in the cage, our little adventurer and resident escape artist isn’t with us anymore. So we’re going to have to give Meeko extra nuts and get him out for extra cuddles and stair runs, to make sure he doesn’t feel alone. I just hope he doesn’t get cold at night now he’s on his own.




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