Visiting Memory Lane

This weekend I collected a cardboard box and picnic cooler’s worth of photos from my Mum’s house. Both filled with all of the photos my Gran has collected throughout the years.

It’s got everything from childhood photos of my Gran to childhood photos of me, and I have to say, my Gran has made much better fashion choices throughout her life than I have – although in my defence she wasn’t a child in the 90s…

So this week I’m going to make a start on sorting these into albums and scrapbooks, I am really looking forward to delving into the photos and ordering them to tell a story of our family life – it’s going to be quite a task!

I’ve riffled through some of these photos a few times, once when I was making a family tree book for Gran a few years ago and again last year when I was making a birthday scrapbook for my Mum, (I’ll have to share both of them on here, they have been my favourite craft projects to date!) so I know there are many beautiful memories are hidden in there.

My Gran has always been rather stylish, a photo of her playing tennis in her heels has always been one of my favs and here is another of her with her Mum, my Great-Nanna.

gran and nanna


It’s like having my own little time machine, I can’t wait to see where these photos take me! Wish me luck… I may be some time πŸ™‚



They are so beautiful Beth, I would have loved to have known Gran back then. Nana Lewis looks like she would have been a lot of fun too. Seeing Gran everyday I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because she is here but I wish she could remember my name, do you remember when we used to go over on a Sunday for roast lamb and she used to have mint sauce sitting on the table, if I concentrate hard enough I can still smell it. πŸ™‚

Thanks Frances! The photos really are amazing, I can’t wait to share them all. Gran’s roasts were always delicious, it’s the tinned new potatoes that stick in my mind – I loved those! x

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