That holiday feeling

To celebrate the glorious weather that we’re having, I’m posting one of the most gorgeous and classy of holiday looks I’ve ever seen.

Now that I’m back in the office after a week relaxing in the garden with my chubby kitten, basking in the sunshine in shorts and vest tops, I’m now back to battling with the air con in my jeans and jumpers!

So to stay in the holiday mood here is a girl obviously enjoying every second of her hols.

holiday girl

I can just imagine her, standing on the terrace, leaning back to soak up the evening sun as a light breeze rolls in off the sea. Enjoying a moment of calm while she waits for someone to come back from the bar with her cocktail that she’ll drink walking barefoot along the shore, with her feet sinking into the warm sand and sea lapping at her toes…

Oh, if only I were there too! I think I might just go and spend a few mins on the holiday sites, just in case!