Happiness is… pt 6

I was glad that this happiness was quite a late addition to the list as it has been one of the most difficult to illustrate!

It’s been a challenge to decide how best to illustrate this happiness, as I wanted the girls to be recognisable but still relatable to other people too, so I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Hopefully my sister will recognise her happiness from the illustration rather than just from the words:

Happiness girls

I think this may be one of my fav happiness illustrations so far, and I can’t believe I only have one more to do! If there are any more happiness requests, please let me know, as I’ll be quite sad to see the end of this little series.

I hope you’ve been out enjoying the sunshine this weekend, I managed to burn my shoulders walking into town, so don’t make the same mistake I did and make sure to top up your sun cream!