Happiness is… pt 5

This happiness is one I think we all share; being snuggled with a loved one!

Trying to decide how best to illustrate this was hard – I couldn’t choose which loved one I enjoy snuggling with most. That would not encourage happiness at all (especially if I ended up choosing a grumbly little kitten)!

So I only saw one solution, try to find the perfect moment that embodies the content, safe, warm and fuzzy feeling you get when snuggling, and I think I found it…

sea otters

Sea otters!

The snuggly-ist, most adorable things out there! With their hand holding to stop them from floating away, their lounging on their backs with their little ones snuggled in, their cute little noses and fluffy flippery feeties!

They are snuggle happiness personified!

As you can tell, I’ve been experimenting with inks recently so I wanted to try something different for this happiness is, but unfortunately I’m not so sure it was a success! Oh well, you live and learn and I’m sure they would forgive me!

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