Childhood classics

I have a confession to make, I’m a bit of an escapism junkie. Any chance to lose myself in another world, life or experience and I’m there!

I get ridiculously addicted to TV shows, completely vested in their fictional lives – I can’t even talk to you about Supernatural, Chicago Fire or Game of Thrones – so many emotions, so much drama! All those times that Sam/Dean died? Just too much! The season 2 finale of Chicago fire? Crazy! And 4 seasons in I’m still getting over Ned Stark!

It’s the same with films, there are some I can watch over and over just because of the warm fuzzy feeling I get inside or the close to tears feeling that stings my eyes – nothing beats it. I won’t name and shame the films in this post (those worn out DVDs know who they are) but I can promise to delve deeper in a future post!

And of course, like so many others, my escapism route of choice is with books. As I’ve said before I like my stories with a little bit of magic, a little bit of love, a little bit of the unexpected and most importantly, with a good dose of hope.

Nowhere is hope more abundant than in children’s books!

Now, I can’t say a lot about any of the children’s books from the last *cough* 10-15 years, as I’m a little too old to be the target market, but a lot of the books that have stuck with me have been classics, that I’d hope are still enjoyed today.

So today is the first of another little series of illustrations, inspired by childhood classics:

mad old clocks

Hopefully it’s one you remember?


Ps. I apologise for going a bit book crazy in my posts for the moment, but sometimes you just have to follow wherever inspiration leads!


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