Wise words for a blustery day

Despite my best efforts to encourage the sun to come out with my flip flops and beach ball June calendar, June has not started with sunshine and blue skies – it’s more rainy days and umbrellas!

In fact, rather than the sunny days of summer, you could say the weather at the moment is more like the blustery days of autumn and winter.

On the subject of blustery days… when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, nothing cheers me up  more than a little bit of Winnie-the-Pooh! So to help brighten up your day, here are a few wise words from Christopher Robin that you should remember whether the sun is shining or not!



I love it too, but I totally missed the opportunity to post it on Winds-day!Although I’m happy to say, since I’ve posted this, its been sunshine and blue skies – I would not have made a very good weather girl! xxx

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