The spider

Today was one of those days of tidying up, finishing off the pile of laundry, finally getting rid of those whispy spiderwebs and general cleaning. And it was all going to plan until the most gigantic, creepy and evil looking spider strolled out of one of my boots.

It was huge, it was hideous, it may have even been a tarantula. It was like Aragog from Harry Potter, but thankfully without the family of equally humungous spiders scuttling after it.

So I did what anyone else would do, I squealed a little and pointed at it until I could think of something more useful to do. I had the perfect solution: the Kitten, she was bound to get it for me, except she was more interested in inspecting the boot than the spider. It outsmarted her by sitting as still as a statue, or rather, lurking like a big creepy thing, and she just stepped over it and out of the cat flap. Not a lot of use at all.

So there was only one other logical and sensible thing to do, run and get a glass and trap it until someone braver came along. Luckily, the boyf totally manned up, and flung it into the garden when he came downstairs.

I’d like to say that the spider flew through the air like an over-legged flying squirrel, and scarpered off into next door’s garden. However, I was too scared to watch and hid until I knew for sure it was out of the door. I bet he’s out there now, skulking in the bushes, planning his next ambush on our house, ready to sneak out of the shadows when we least expect it.

However, rather than share an illustration of the scariest spider even seen in a conservatory and possibly give you all nightmares, here is an illustration I found while I was tidying up my art stuff, before the spider episode. I thought it tied in well with my post earlier this week and made a nice colourful image for this rainy Sunday afternoon!


I hope you like her and your Sunday is spider-free!



Thankfully my sunday WAS spider-free, although, in our house, it’d be the other way around. My boyf can’t stand spiders so I tend to be the one to have to deal with them 🙂
she looks v.content ^ with her books and tea – perfect accompaniments to a rainy day in.

Hi, thanks for commenting! It was practically a tarantula, so you’d have to be brave to tackle that! I’d say the only thing she’s missing is a pair of fluffy slippers, then she’d be set for a rainy day! x

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