Playing to your strengths

Everybody has things they are good at, things they hope they can get better at and things that just quite simply aren’t their thing.

Music definitely falls into that third category for me. I have about the same musical skill as the kitten – I can do noisy wailing, but that’s about it. I’m banned from singing in the car if the boyf is with me, I was held back a year for recorder (I’m not even joking) and I struggle to air drum in time to the beat.

If I did have any musical talent at all, then I think I would have liked to play a string instrument, such as the violin or the cello, they make such beautiful music, and look so graceful and elegant.


However, I’m happy to admit that this is the closest I will get to being able to create anything lovely with a violin and just because I’m banned from singing in the car when the boyf is around, it doesn’t mean I don’t sing my heart out as soon as I’m on my own!

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter whether you’re good at something, as long as you’re enjoying it!



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