My first flower girl

Today I’m posting the first of a little 3 part series of paintings.

For most of the last two years, my paintings have centered around pretty girls and beautiful outfits. It’s only been the last six months or so that I feel I have started to branch out and away from this, and even now, I still find myself returning to fashion inspired illustrations.

I feel these three illustrations typify my painting style of the last few years and despite being painted at different points through that year, they share a springtime flowery theme.

I’d like to think each of my paintings has a little bit of fairytale for inspiration and as a fan of the countryside, I love to sneak in a few little flowers, so here is the first of my flower girls.

Ok, so it wasn’t a little flower! I’ll share my second flower girl later this week.

Do you find similar themes and ideas sneaking their way into the things you create?



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