Festival season is here!

British festival season is edging ever closer.

As I waited for my train this morning I saw a group of guys and a girl stocked up and ready to head on their way to Download, the rock and metal festival that’s usually the first on the big festival calendar.

Seeing these 5 ready and set for their adventure at 7am this morning, over 48hrs before the first band walks on stage really brought a smile to my face.

They had 3 sack trolleys loaded up with boxes of beer and cider, each had a rucksack the size of a small child along with a collection of tent bags, roll up mats and even funnels (I can only guess what the funnels are for?!).

The best word I could use to describe them was stoked (not a word I often use!). They looked stoked to be going on this adventure together, excited about the weekend ahead and at least a little smug that they weren’t one of the commuters!

I can’t blame them one tiny bit! I’ve been to a few festivals and the atmosphere is always amazing. There is nothing better than a live band and everyone is there to have a good time.

The only problem I have is with the camping side of it – for all the predictable reasons, toilets/showering/bad hair days/cold nights in the tent/muggy mornings in the tent etc. but if you forget about all of those little bits, it is unmissable and unforgettable (alcohol levels depending)!

One of my best festival moments was watching Greenday with my bestie on a Sunday morning in Reading – they were the worst kept secret that we still managed to miss the start of, but when we entered the tent the atmosphere was electric, the crowd were jumping, dancing, singing, shouting, pushing, shoving, drinking and smiling and Greenday were belting out there best songs, from old classics to new. Everyone knew enough words to join in and they refused to leave the stage after their slot was finished – it was such a brilliant moment.

So brilliant that this photo sums it up so much better than I could ever capture with a paintbrush!

Admittedly not the most flattering pic of either of us, but definitely worth sharing! Can I tempt any of you to share your ‘so happy, you just don’t care’ photos?!