A little thank you on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day I want to start by saying that I am very lucky to have two wonderful father figures in my life.

You would be hard pressed to find two more dissimilar men than my Dad and Stepdad, but they have both been there for me throughout my life, making me feel very loved and supported on every step of my journey so far.

They have taught me about some of the important things in life, such as the value of money and the importance of going out there and living your life, as well as the little things that end up just as vital, such as how to put up a shelf or a tent.One thing that they both brought into my life is a love of football! I grew up watching it on the TV, watching my dad play and coach on a Saturday and my stepdad referee every weekend, so it has always been a part of my life!

So for my Dad and Stepdad, I’ve done this little sketch to celebrate not just the everyday dad stuff that they do, but all the little things as well.

Happily, this is brilliantly timed for the World Cup, and although I’m not sure who originally referred to it as the beautiful game, I can’t help but agree when some of those teams walk onto the pitch and the lovely Thierry Henry is in the pundits box!

I hope you’re all enjoying the football, even if we did get off to a bad start last night and you haven’t been stuck with a rubbish team in the office sweepstakes!