September, the most romantic month of the year?

May is a big month for birthdays…

I’m not quite sure what makes September the month for romance, perhaps it’s the change in seasons and the nights drawing in, but what ever the reason, once the end of April rolls round, it’s time to dig out the birthday candles!

Just to name a few so far this month, my dad and best friend (on the same day, no less), as well as my niece, my nephew, my cousin and even a few colleagues. So, my card making and present hunting skills have been put to the test!

It’s times like these that I think bulk printing my cards would probably be a way more efficient route… But I like that all my cards are a little different and special to each person I give them to. Definitely a decision to mull over on a rainy day!

In the mean time, here are a few of the cards I did this month.

One of the best things about May (apart from the one birthday I don’t have to make a card for!) is the two long weekends that give me enough time to replenish my card stock! Which of the design styles do you think I should focus on this bank holiday weekend?