Mastering the bbq, round 2

Just over two years ago me and the boyf moved into our first home together.

As a little house (flat) warming present, my mum bought us an adorable little red bbq for us to enjoy on sunny days on our balcony.

One such sunny day came around and we lit the little bbq and eagerly waited for it to do what ever it is that bbq coals do, so we could break out the burgers and sausages.



Slowly, we managed to fill not just our flat with thick smoke, but also both of the flats either side of us… Then, the ever-so slightly irrational fear that we might melt the windows filled me with dread. So, we did what any other normal person would do in this situation. We admitted defeat and flooded the bbq with a bucket of water.

Which would have been a great idea, if I’d remembered to shut the ventilation grate at the bottom of the bbq and the balcony below us didn’t have a washing line filled with white clothing. Oh dear…

This year, we were determined to try again. So, we invited my brother round and put our little bbq in his trusted hands! We had a great evening, we didn’t set anything alight, didn’t melt down the conservatory and didn’t get food poisoning, the sun was shining, we had some 90s/00s rock music on and a few beers chilling in the fridge.

We even had a little stroll down to the pubs by the river, to enjoy a few drinks in the evening sun.

But, of course, no evening out could be complete without a few lovely flowers collected in slightly suspicious circumstances!

stolen flowers

These are the things perfect weekends are made of!




Was a lovely day and evening the weather was kind also!! Maybe you can learn something from me!! Xx

Maybe about bbq-ing, but don’t push your luck! It was such a lovely day, thanks for coming over 🙂 xx

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