At the races

One of my favourite designers at the moment is Elie Saab. His dresses are so elegant, with intricate detailing and  beautiful flowing fabrics.

Scrolling through his website fills me with a strange mixture of envy and wonder as I see the dresses swoosh and twinkle as they move. I can spend hours clicking from dress to dress, daydreaming which one I would wear first and what kind of fairytale event I’d be going to.

These dresses inspired an illustration I did last summer, it was the first illustration I did not using one image as a reference.

Now, when I look at it, it reminds me of Lady’s Day at the Royal Ascot and the polo match scene in Pretty Woman. She’s just casually waiting for the next race to start or for someone to return with her drink, champagne of course, and she knows she is looking gorgeous!