Week 15 – films and football

Week 15 was quite a difficult and stressful week, not helped by train delays going home on Friday (of all days!), so I was very grateful for a lovely relaxing weekend.

The boyf treated us to some new DVDs, to add to our endless collection, so we had a weekend filled with films and football, as well as a surprise visit from the ‘rents which involved a mad tidying frenzy quick tidy up before they arrived!

So Saturday was given over to Frozen, the FA cup semi-final and the Hunger Games sequel, Mockingjay. With a quick afternoon interlude spent with my incredibly tanned ‘rents.

The costumes in that film were incredible! The outlandish fashion favoured by the inhabitants of the Capitol gave the costume designers such freedom to create amazing clothing. One of my favourite outfits was Effie’s butterfly dress.

Effie trinkett

Then Sunday was much of the same, with Liverpool vs Man City and an evening watching the Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug. Although somehow, my morning was swallowed up watching the marathon? Hopefully I wasn’t the only one to suddenly realise they were 2 hours into the coverage, but couldn’t switch off in case you missed the end?!