Week 14 – Jungle garden

We’re now at the start of April and we’ve been in our new little house for two whole months now. Time has gone so quickly!

It feels like so long has passed since we were in the little flat. I can’t imagine trying to squeeze all our things in that living room, or not having our little garden for the cat to explore.

Although, neither me nor the boyf are particularly green fingered… which inspired this weeks illustration:

garden kitten

Kitten has really enjoyed trekking through our jungle-like garden, tracking down bugs and bees and pouncing on blossom and leaves that roll along the grass. She’s also discovered a few gaps in the fence to try to squeeze through, but any people or cars passing by quickly sends her darting back into the garden!

Fingers crossed we get another warm, sunny day to tackle the garden before we lose her completely in the grass!