It’s all in the planning

To try to get myself organised and inject a little bit of logic into my blog posts, I started a calendar/schedule to map out all of my posts.

It’s a brilliant idea, I’ve got 2 years worth of art, and I’ve normally done at least two drawings/paintings a week in that time, so I can plan ahead of time what I want to post and when.

So, I’ve spent hours making the schedule, looking through my photos and sketchbooks to track everything down and figure out which bits and pieces I can share and trying to plot them against the right weeks… and then I’ve tweaked it a little more, added in new pieces etc.

And then, I’ve left it on the work computer and forgotten to email it to myself. Oops.

So, I’m sure I had a brilliant, build-up-to-Easter post, but I have no idea what it was!

However, to prove I do sometimes manage to devote some time to planning ahead, here are some fairy sketches I did last week to try out different poses and how she could sit on the page – all based on the amazing TinkerBell, of course!

I didn’t end up including the fairy in the end, as she didn’t quite fit, but it was good practice none-the-less!

tink practice