Getting ready

I have a bit of a reputation of taking a while to get ready.

I can be overly optimistic about how long things take, so much so that it’s not unusual for me to be told we’re leaving at 6, when in fact it’s 6.30.

Personally, I blame eyeliner. I read somewhere ‘never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.’ It’s so true, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to have symmetrical eyeliner and anyone that can do this must be using some form of the black arts.

Of course, the other regular obstacles to sticking to time are styling my hair and tights, which wilfully snag and ladder at the worst possible times, but these are all just excuses. Really, I enjoy taking my time getting ready.

It can be such a relaxing process (when you have the time to perfect hair and make up). Cleansing, moisturising, taking time to choose the make up, the clothes and the hairstyle, a bit of music in the background – what’s not to love! Or getting ready with a few friends, a huge mess of clothes and make up strewn across the room, music up high, a few glasses of wine and someone to help with the back of your hair – perfect evening preparation.

So that’s the story behind this illustration, she obviously went for the relaxing routine, she’s just making the final touches before slipping on her shoes. Everyone else is probably waiting in the taxi, maybe someone’s jangling keys at the door eager to leave, but she’s not going to rush. She is not going to leave that mirror unless she feels 100% ready.

getting ready



lol …must run in the family Beth ! once uncle David & myself were due to attend a ball and had to leave at 6.30 ,but I was still sitting in the hairdressers at 7.30 pm as I didn’t like my hair ! resulted in returning evening dress ,uncle David changing out of his Dinner suit and then we just popped to the pub for a meal & drink ,which to be honest was a nicer end to the day xs

Brilliant! I don’t feel so bad now 🙂 at least, hopefully, you went to the pub for a lovely meal with fabulous hair in the end! xx

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