Week 12 – the arrival of spring

We’re 12 weeks into 2014 and spring is finally here. After a few sunny days and daffodils over the last few weeks the trees outside my window are now coated in blossom!

This week I went for a food tasting at wembley stadium with my work buddy Kate. As a huge footy fan, any excuse to go to wembley is good for me. The food was nice and views over the pitch were nice too, but better than that was spending the evening out with Kate, which was lovely!

The rest of the week was spent prepping for an event next week – the biggest I’ve managed from start to finish yet! I’m quite excited and nervous that it all goes ok!

So next week, I’ve got two day trips to Manchester (for work, not for football, unfortunately), but this weekend, I’ve been able to relax and enjoy the spring weather!

blossom tree