Week 10 – A mixed week

This week was so jam-packed, that it felt like a few weeks rolled into one! Strangely, it made it more difficult to decide on an illustration for this week’s post, but in the end, I realised I had the perfect thing to encapsulate my week:


My brand new free standing mixer!

I got this as a housewarming present from my mum and step-dad and used it for the first time today. To my great surprise, I made some super yummy berry muffins, I definitely recommend the recipe!

It was like the Great British Bake Off in the kitchen this afternoon, flour everywhere, every utensil I could find was out on the counter and I ended up sat in front of the oven waiting until they were perfectly done! Somehow, I don’t think I’d make it to biscuit week.

So today was filled with sunshine and baking, whereas yesterday me and the boyf went up to Norwich to see the game against Stoke. It was great fun, but we missed so many chances!

So it has been quite a mixed weekend, which seems only fitting for such a mixed week, which started in Geneva assisting on one project and ended in the office managing a different one.

Fingers crossed for a calmer week next week!