Week 8 – girl in a blue dress

This Wednesday, I worked from home so that we could finally have the internet reconnected.

It was so lovely: I slept in until 8, I got to watch two epic games of curling (who doesn’t love a bit of curling?!) as I finished off a client proposal, I had the kitten with me all day, I got to see the boyf when he nipped home for lunch, I didn’t have to get on a train and, of course, we got the internet back.

Well, we had it back for the whole of 20 minutes before it disappeared without a trace. Long story short, it turned out the degus must have chewed through the cable months ago and the cable was now refusing to work, so we had to track down a new one.

Finally, even better than all of these things, I had time to pick up a pencil and do some sketching. As always, I used pinterest for some inspiration (see my inspiration boards here) and I spent an hour or so sketching after I’d finished all my worky things.

Today, I finished the sketch with a bit of watercolour and here is the final piece:

blue dress

It feels great to actually get my pencil and paints out and have the time to enjoy it, rather than a quick drawing before heading to bed. Fingers crossed I get a few more days working from home in the coming weeks/months!


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