Week 7 – the commute

Week 7 of 2014 was my first full week of commuting from Ely to London. Turns out it’s quite a long commute…

I’m ok with the early starts, waking at 6am and heading to the station for the 80min train journey, although, I’ve already fallen asleep a couple of times on my way in. Turns out, this is pretty acceptable behaviour judging by the rest of my early morning commuters, there is always a few snoozing as we wind our way through the countryside.

I even like the walk to the station; I’ve seen the most amazing morning skies stained pink and orange by the rising sun and I’ve been wrapped up warm or huddled under my umbrella as I walk down the hill in the cold and rain.

Then at work things are still work-y, so no change there.

But then, it’s time to head home. I’m optimistically aiming to sneak out of the office door by 5.20pm (I’m meant to work til 5.30pm and really 6pm is the standard home time here), then I can hope to be home by just after 7pm. This still entails a speedy walk to the station and then a slightly panicked jog/trot between St Pancras and King’s Cross, fingers crossed everything’s running on time and I’m wearing comfy shoes.

However, if I mistime leaving the office slightly, the trains are running late between the office and St Pan or I get trapped answering a question before I can edge out of the office door, then the whole plan is ruined: I’m destined to spend 20ish mins loitering around King’s Cross as I wait for the next train.

I shouldn’t complain too much, after all, I’m only a week in! I’ve got plenty of good books to keep me entertained and I still enjoy looking out at the endless fields that roll along the countryside through my window, plus, the boyf is always there at the other end to take me home, so it’s all worth it really.