Week 5 – The move

Week 5 of 2014 was all about the move!

We may have slightly underestimated a few key elements of the move, such as how long it takes to pack, how long it takes to load the van, how much cleaning we had to do and how much stuff we needed to fit in the van… but apart from that, it went swimmingly 🙂

The boyf’s parents came down to help pack, load, clean and unpack, and with the slowest lift in the world doing its best to hold us up, it took a mere 5 hours to get everything in the van, rather than the 2-3hours I’d anticipated!

We then trundled down the motorway in our hired van with the boyf at the wheel and finally collected our keys at 4:30pm to start the unload.

bow keys

(apologies for the blurriness and lack of colour, I’m still internetless, so have limited resources! ps. our actual keys did not have a bow)

It was amazing to see the amount of stuff we’d squished into that van, loading it must have been like an epic game of Tetris, and the conservatory made for a great holding pen for all our bits and pieces and muddy shoes (it rained non-stop all day).

As an aside, both me and kitten were super excited about finally having our own set of stairs! She can run up and down chasing toy balls and mice and I have the most convenient cupboard-under-the-stairs ever and can no longer see my bed from the kitchen sink – yeay!


(this is how exciting I am about my stairs, look at the size of that cupboard – brilliant)

So after unloading the van and diligently unpacking almost nothing, we had our first night in our new little house; me, the boyf and kitten. Then we were up first thing to drive back down to the flat for the final (crazy thorough) clean and checkout!

So after a final farewell to our first little home together, our view over the Thames and our high speed rail link it was time to head to our new home, complete with kitten, boxes and our own front door.


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