Homemade calendar

I’m happy to welcome back the return of the midweek post! Now that I’ve got the internet back, I can continue sharing a few art projects I’ve been working on, starting with our homemade calendar.

We are so bad at remembering peoples’ birthdays on time and as I love to do handmade cards, I like a little bit of warning so I can spend that bit more time creating something a little personal, or at least pretty to look at.

We spent the whole of January intending to buy a calendar, but couldn’t make the decision between cute kittens or cars, so in the end I decided to make our own, so every month could be different and by doing it one month at a time, I would know of any birthdays, anniversaries or other plans well in advance.

I did the March calendar yesterday, using the February calendar as a template, and I have a list of all the family birthdays to make sure I don’t miss anyone out. I kept it quite simple, but it took me about an hour to do by the time I’d painted the flowers, although admittedly I was watching tv at the same time!


Bonus points if you can spot our sneaky photobomber!

As you can see, I have some travel plans this month – a quick 3 day trip to Geneva, a couple of birthdays and two days with hammers… (the hammer represents an event set up and derig!).

I’m looking forward to having a full set by the end of the year and thinking of a new design or style for each month. Fingers crossed this makes sure my cards are all on time this year!



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