Week 4 – 5 days of boxes

This week started with the best bit of news – we’ve got our little house!

As strange as it seems, we have ended up with the first house that we looked at, which I illustrated a few weeks ago (post here); it was one of 4 houses that we applied for (and got turned down for). Obviously the rental gods took pity on our soon to be homeless state and worked their magic to get us that first little house we set our hearts on!

So now the packing begins in earnest… except I can’t quite decide where to start.

OK, I have made a small start, we have 7 crates filled with DVDs and books, but the book case is still full of art materials. Then there’s just the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, airing cupboard and the rest of the living room to go. Looks like the boyf has enough to keep him busy while I’m at work this week!

So in 5 days we’ll say goodbye to our great view over the thames, our 5min journey to Bluewater, the super quick and comfy high speed train and our first home together, and in the meantime, we’ll be surrounded by boxes.





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