Week 1 – a little house hunting

Week 1 of 2014 was rather more stressful than I was expecting – I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of the year to come!

After roughy 6 months of checking rightmove religiously and waiting for the start date for the boyf’s new job, yesterday we started our house hunt in earnest.

We went to have a look at one of the cutest little houses, but despite having been through this process before, we appeared to forget how competitive the rental market is! We were one of 6 couples to view in the last two days and half had already put in their application forms before we’d even set foot inside. So although this little house is in the perfect location and ticks almost all of our must-haves, we are now at the mercy of of the rental gods.

On top of this, we got a call Friday afternoon to let us know that viewings for our flat had been booked in for yesterday, which meant that kitten had to join us on our little house hunt. So at 3pm yesterday, me, the boyf, kitten and her litter tray bundled into the car and headed to the motorway. It was a 90min drive in endless rain and drizzle and at the other end, I spent 10minutes trying to convince the kitten to use said litter tray. She however, decided she would much rather snuggle up with the boyf’s work coat in the boot.

Following the viewing and another attempt with the litter tray, we headed back on the return journey, where kitten meowed until I let her onto my lap. When we finally got back home, we realised that the litter tray was the wrong provision to bring – turns out kitten had the munchies.

All in all, house hunting day 1 was a long day with a hungry kitten and we still have no where to live after January! Time to send the boyf out on his own to hunt us down a little house to call home. Wish him luck!

So for week 1 of my 52 week project, here is my illustration of our possible little house.

little house

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