New years resolutions and a 52 week project

Today we welcomed 2014 with rain, wind and a thick blanket of grey cloud. Let’s hope it isn’t a sign of the year to come!

January 1st holds so many promises for the year to come and is the time for declaring your aims and goals for the next 365 days.

This year my resolution is to work on my illustrations, build up the blog and try to earn my first non-family commission.

On top of this, I’m going to embark on a 52 week project – each week I will post an illustration relating to my week. So by the end of the year, I will (hopefully) have 52 illustrations telling the story of my 2014 and I will get the chance to draw/sketch/paint a variety of different subjects.

Can I convince anyone to join me on my 52 week project?! Perhaps one of these suggestions could inspire you?

  • art related – new sketch or painting every week
  • photography related – a photo of something you love every week
  • a cooking or baking challenge – trying a new recipe every week
  • DIY/home decor related – little weekly home improvements such as finally fixing the wonky shelves/pruning that unruly rosebush
  • or even a more personal challenge – weekly date night with your partner/weekly family fun night/weekly run or bike ride

Keep it simple, achievable and use it as a chance to improve on something you love!

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