It’s all about me!

When I first set up this blog I knew for sure that I didn’t want any photos of me splashed across the about page.

I felt that including a picture of me would take something away from the site – it would be less Bethany Robyn, and more, just me: Bethany, Beth, Betbet (take your pick, I answer to all three).

However, the more posts I add, the more I feel that I need to add a little more of me to the pages, after all, the first thing I look at when visiting a new site is their about page. I want to know who’s writing and why they are writing.

So I give in, I’m adding a bit more of me to my about page and adding a picture (it’s there now if you want to have a peek at the updated page). But, I haven’t abandoned my original plan completely; this is still a photo-free zone.

So… this is me:

about me

Obviously, I’ve taken a bit of artistic licence… I can only dream that one day my hair will take on the colours of autumn leaves and I will spend my days reading books as I lean casually against a tree! And, I am still a little hopeless at capturing people’s facial features, but let’s just gloss over that slightly!


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