’twas the season to be jolly

After days, weeks and/or months of preparation, Christmas Day has now been and gone!

Presents have been given to all the good boys and girls, cookies and carrots left for Santa and his reindeer have been eaten and an excessive Christmas feast has been consumed.

For most of us, today is the day for unpacking travel bags and presents now that we’re back home or maybe sneaking to the sales in the hope of picking up a few things spotted whilst buying presents.

On a much sadder note, for some of my family and friends this has been a really difficult time following the loss of people close to them. I hope they can focus on all of the wonderful memories they shared and know that we are thinking of them.

So as not to leave this post on such a sombre note, here are a few snapshots of some of the cards I sent out this year. I think I sent around 15 in total, which is almost double the usual amount, so I had my first mass produced card, because the design was too cute for just one!

 christmas car card 2013

Hopefully you will recognise one of the designs below as the 2013 update of my girl wrapped up for winter. It’s still not quite there but it’s definitely an improvement! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas,


christmas cards 2013


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