Birthday treasure hunt

Today the boyf turns 27. Don’t be fooled by his boyish face, he really is that old.

Luckily no signs yet of extra wrinkles and apparently any grey hairs are as a direct result of living with me: I highly doubt this.

For his present, I normally try to think outside the box, I’ve taken him to some musical theatre (Rock of Ages – it was awesome), to a garage that does lots of drifty stuff (he got a free sticker) and before that he got snowboarding lessons (he’s a natural, I got bruises on my bottom). You get the picture, it’s always something fun and a really long drive away!

This year I bought him a drifting experience at a really cold, drizzly and miserable airfield in the middle of nowhere, just off a traffic jam prone part of the M25 – he had a blast, I think I got a cold. However, he did this back in August, 4 months before his actual bday.

So now I was stuck: after already getting his present at the completely wrong time of year, what do I do for his actual birthday? A birthday just isn’t a birthday without something special.

So today… he’s getting a treasure hunt!

Strategically placed around our tiny flat are these clue cards with questionable rhymes sending him to his little presents and more clues – genius! Inexpensive to do, but still a bit special. He’s due home in around an hour, where he’ll find the first clue on the door… fingers crossed he enjoys it as much as I would!