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Classic style

Sometimes when I am searching for inspiration I come across a picture that I just have to draw then and there.

This was one of those times; the classic and elegant style, the glossy wave of hair and her serene gaze. It wasn’t a picture to save for a rainy day, I had to try to capture it on paper straightaway.

With this sketch, I hope I managed to convey the grace, beauty and Old Hollywood glamour that caught my eye amongst a sea of pretty pictures and I can’t wait to share the watercolour with you later this week.

classic style



It’s all in the planning

To try to get myself organised and inject a little bit of logic into my blog posts, I started a calendar/schedule to map out all of my posts.

It’s a brilliant idea, I’ve got 2 years worth of art, and I’ve normally done at least two drawings/paintings a week in that time, so I can plan ahead of time what I want to post and when.

So, I’ve spent hours making the schedule, looking through my photos and sketchbooks to track everything down and figure out which bits and pieces I can share and trying to plot them against the right weeks… and then I’ve tweaked it a little more, added in new pieces etc.

And then, I’ve left it on the work computer and forgotten to email it to myself. Oops.

So, I’m sure I had a brilliant, build-up-to-Easter post, but I have no idea what it was!

However, to prove I do sometimes manage to devote some time to planning ahead, here are some fairy sketches I did last week to try out different poses and how she could sit on the page – all based on the amazing TinkerBell, of course!

I didn’t end up including the fairy in the end, as she didn’t quite fit, but it was good practice none-the-less!

tink practice


Red carpet inspired part 1

This is one of the first illustrations I did that I was really happy with.

It’s inspired by Emma Watson on the red carpet for the London premier of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She’s wearing a Dior dress and trouser combination, which wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but I loved the elegant and graceful way it was styled.

This first post is my original pencil sketch and later this week I’ll share the completed watercolour. Hope you like it!

Emma Watson sketch


Week 6 – Family times

The reason we moved to Ely was because of the boyf’s new job (woop to him!), but one of the main reasons we were so excited about the move was because we would be so much closer to home.

We both like to be quite close to our families, but living around 2hours away and the boyf only having two weekends off every 8 weeks meant we couldn’t get home much over the last two years. Now we’re less than an hour away, we’re looking forward to actually seeing people on/around their birthdays rather than just sending a card (late, inevitably, due to our lack of calendar – more on this once our internet is up and running!) and being able to pop in just to say hi.

So the sixth week of 2014 was meant to be all about getting settled in, exploring the town and then having the first few days of the commute with the weekend to recover, but it ended up giving me a little glimpse of what life might be like living a little closer to home!

I managed to see not just the full set of my parents, but also the boyfs parents plus my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew all in one week – definitely worth the move!

I got to see my dad for the second time in as many weeks when he popped in for a cup of coffee and some lunch as he was in the area. On Wednesday evening me and the boyf nipped down the a11 for my step-dad’s bday with my mum, brother and his family (with a handmade card obvs). It was so great to be able to celebrate with them rather than a quick call before they went out.

Then at the weekend we zipped up the a14 to the boyf’s parents to say hi and bring our lovely degus home following their extended stay for the move. It’s great to have our little family complete again, but I had forgotten quite how much mess they make! In honour of their return, I’ve done a little sketch, but I could only do one as they move around too much!


So after our first full week we’ve explored the town, seen family and got our degus back but we still have an unassembled wardrobe waiting in the conservatory… oops


You can see an illustration of our new house here and read about the move here

Week 5 – The move

Week 5 of 2014 was all about the move!

We may have slightly underestimated a few key elements of the move, such as how long it takes to pack, how long it takes to load the van, how much cleaning we had to do and how much stuff we needed to fit in the van… but apart from that, it went swimmingly 🙂

The boyf’s parents came down to help pack, load, clean and unpack, and with the slowest lift in the world doing its best to hold us up, it took a mere 5 hours to get everything in the van, rather than the 2-3hours I’d anticipated!

We then trundled down the motorway in our hired van with the boyf at the wheel and finally collected our keys at 4:30pm to start the unload.

bow keys

(apologies for the blurriness and lack of colour, I’m still internetless, so have limited resources! ps. our actual keys did not have a bow)

It was amazing to see the amount of stuff we’d squished into that van, loading it must have been like an epic game of Tetris, and the conservatory made for a great holding pen for all our bits and pieces and muddy shoes (it rained non-stop all day).

As an aside, both me and kitten were super excited about finally having our own set of stairs! She can run up and down chasing toy balls and mice and I have the most convenient cupboard-under-the-stairs ever and can no longer see my bed from the kitchen sink – yeay!


(this is how exciting I am about my stairs, look at the size of that cupboard – brilliant)

So after unloading the van and diligently unpacking almost nothing, we had our first night in our new little house; me, the boyf and kitten. Then we were up first thing to drive back down to the flat for the final (crazy thorough) clean and checkout!

So after a final farewell to our first little home together, our view over the Thames and our high speed rail link it was time to head to our new home, complete with kitten, boxes and our own front door.


The croquis collection

As a welcome break to talking about the endless amount of packing I seem to be avoiding and the upcoming (and super exciting) move to Ely in two days (who’s counting?!), I wanted to share a few fashion-y pencil sketches that I did in the summer.

This is my croquis collection (so far):


I sketched them across a couple of evenings while I was taking a break from watercolours, as I wanted to get better with the pencil before I carried on with the paintbrush. It was great practice for scaling and shaping the body and it was a great way to mimic on-screen outfits as I was watching tv. My fav is number four!

I did them in a little notepad and the plan was to fill the pad with similar sketches, but I found them quite repetitive after a while and moved on to yet another sketchpad – I wanted to add faces, colours and actions rather than just poses.

I’m going to get into the habit of adding to the collection every so often, in the hope that after some/a lot of practice, I’ll be able to sketch a quick fashion croquis in minutes, and then eventually I’ll create my own little army of pencil croquis. [cue evil laugh]


Wrapped up for Winter

Yesterday was the first day that it felt truly like winter.

The air was crisp and fresh, I could see my breath trail behind me as I walked and the breeze was brisk on my cheeks.

My scarf was wrapped close, my hands shoved deep into my pockets and I stomped my way to the station in warm fur lined boots. It was the first time this Winter that it had felt remotely Christmassy, but there was not a Christmas tree, sparkly light nor bauble in sight.

It reminded me of the walk to school in the build up to the Christmas holidays, when the mist would lie low over the village green and the paths would crunch underfoot from the frozen dew.

I can’t believe it’s just over 2 weeks until Christmas… I still have so much to prepare, send and wrap and I feel like I’m knee deep in half finished Christmas Cards! I’m sending out much more than usual this year, to friends I haven’t seen in so long that are scattered around the country. I’m so excited to get in touch with them again… but I’m very quickly running out of Christmassy ideas for the cover!

Below is a girl I drew last summer, wrapped up for the snow (I started my Christmas countdown a lot earlier last year!). I’m looking forward to having another attempt at this for one of my cards and hoping that my sense of scale improves if nothing else!

 wrapped up warm