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Homemade calendar

I’m happy to welcome back the return of the midweek post! Now that I’ve got the internet back, I can continue sharing a few art projects I’ve been working on, starting with our homemade calendar.

We are so bad at remembering peoples’ birthdays on time and as I love to do handmade cards, I like a little bit of warning so I can spend that bit more time creating something a little personal, or at least pretty to look at.

We spent the whole of January intending to buy a calendar, but couldn’t make the decision between cute kittens or cars, so in the end I decided to make our own, so every month could be different and by doing it one month at a time, I would know of any birthdays, anniversaries or other plans well in advance.

I did the March calendar yesterday, using the February calendar as a template, and I have a list of all the family birthdays to make sure I don’t miss anyone out. I kept it quite simple, but it took me about an hour to do by the time I’d painted the flowers, although admittedly I was watching tv at the same time!


Bonus points if you can spot our sneaky photobomber!

As you can see, I have some travel plans this month – a quick 3 day trip to Geneva, a couple of birthdays and two days with hammers… (the hammer represents an event set up and derig!).

I’m looking forward to having a full set by the end of the year and thinking of a new design or style for each month. Fingers crossed this makes sure my cards are all on time this year!


3 sleeps til Santa

There’s only 3 sleeps to go til Father Christmas comes to visit and I’m feeling pretty smug.

Two whole shopping days left until the day and only one present left to get. I even have a plan in place to get the final gift! All the rest are wrapped and labelled under the tree ready for the journey home on Christmas Eve.

This year I used some quick homemade tags for my presents, attached with some thread. The snowflakes were something I had drawn up already (of course, who doesn’t have a few snowflake outlines lying around!) so all I had to do was colour, cut and add a little bit of Christmassy text to tie them all together.

gift tags

I’m quite happy with them, although the pattern clashes with some of the wrapping paper! So, next year I’d like to try something similar, but go for some brightly coloured baubles and some metallic red thread. And glitter! Can’t believe I forgot the glitter!


xmas gifts

Festive times

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…

I love Christmas, it’s my absolute favourite time of year!

All the sparkly lights, the hope of snow, the evenings by the fire or snuggled in a blanket, the present hunting, the jolly Christmas tunes, the whisky and cookies by the fireplace (our Father Christmas wasn’t a big fan of milk – how’s that meant to keep him warm in his sleigh?), the carrots and polish for Rudolf (gotta keep his nose bright and shiny) and then the day itself: family time and an epic feast.

Yesterday we got Christmas preparations underway; starting with Love, Actually to set the scene, followed by some Christmas tunes while we dug out the decs. As I assembled our little tree we realised one fatal flaw… we’d left most of our decs at Mum’s as we had no room to store it! So now, we have a little tree with no lights, no star, just the few ornaments we could fit in our little cupboard. Poor little tree.

Luckily (unluckily) for us, kitten has taken it upon herself to be the only decoration we need. I’ve spent all morning chasing her out of the tree, where she has been hitting the few decorations we have on her way to the top and trying to eat the branches – not ideal but at least she’s in the spirit.

Happily, I’ve still got another couple of Christmassy films left over for when I track down the rest of our decs and I’m always happy to break out the Christmas tunes.

I’ve just made a start on my Christmas cards, so I can spread the Christmas mode throughout the festive season. Below are the cards I did last year, so I’m going to have to start thinking of some new designs… Pinterest here I come!

christmas cards 2012


Birthday treasure hunt

treasure hunt


Today the boyf turns 27. Don’t be fooled by his boyish face, he really is that old. Luckily no signs yet of extra wrinkles and apparently any grey hairs are as a direct result of living with me: I highly doubt this.

For his present, I normally try to think outside the box, I’ve taken him to some musical theatre (Rock of Ages – it was awesome), to a garage that does lots of drifty stuff (he got a free sticker) and before that he got snowboarding lessons (he’s a natural, I got bruises on my bottom). You get the picture, it’s always something fun and a really long drive away!

This year I bought him a drifting experience at a really cold, drizzly and miserable airfield in the middle of nowhere, just off a traffic jam prone part of the M25 – he had a blast, I think I got a cold. However, he did this back in August, 4 months before his actual bday.

So now I was stuck: after already getting his present at the completely wrong time of year, what do I do for his actual birthday? A birthday just isn’t a birthday without something special.

So today… he’s getting a treasure hunt!

Strategically placed around our tiny flat are these clue cards with questionable rhymes sending him to his little presents and more clues – genius! Inexpensive to do, but still a bit special. He’s due home in around an hour, where he’ll find the first clue on the door… fingers crossed he enjoys it as much as I would!