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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s that time again; nights are drawing in, there’s a chill in the air and mince pies are sneaking into the shops… it’s the lead up to Christmas!

So to help spread the festive cheer, I’ve added a pack of 8 Christmas cards to my etsy shop!


There are a couple of traditional cards


A couple of cards for animal lovers


And a few cards filled with Christmas characters embracing the festive spirit


So hopefully, with this selection, there is something for everyone. Stock is quite limited, so head on over to my etsy shop if you’d like the chance to buy!


What a difference a day makes…

So we’ve made it to 2016! All the wonders and woes of 2015 are officially behind us and it’s a brand new year ahead of us.

What better way to start than by wishing you all a happy new year!

happy new year 2

You may have noticed I’ve also started the year with a new Facebook page header:


We went to Banham Zoo back in October to visit the Boyf’s sponsored snow leopard, and I came away in love with the two cheetahs in the neighbouring enclosure. They are gorgeous and have such cheeky personalities, I think they’ll be next on the sponsor list!

For Christmas this year I scaled up two of my Gran’s photos as 50cm canvases for my Mum. My favourite is the photo of my grandparents shelling peas in the garden. They would have been in their late teens/early twenties and it’s one of the only ones where they’ve been caught unaware, rather than posing for the camera!

IMG112 to print

As I’d been looking at this photo so much over the last few weeks, I couldn’t help but try my own version.

shelling peas2

Seeing these side by side, it’s easier to spot what I still need to improve on, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

This week I treated myself to a couple of late Christmas presents in the shape of a couple of art books. I had done a little illustration before nipping to the shops, and after reading the books that evening, I wanted to try again the next day.


Hopefully, it’s obvious that the before is on the left and the after is on the right! The improvement was, in part, what inspired the title of the post, as I was humming the song to myself as I painted on the second day, pleased with the change in just 24 little hours!

So I hope this is a sign of the year to come, filled with improvement and of course, bubbles!


Christmas Eve!

It’s finally Christmas Eve; the day for last minute present-buying, milk and cookies for Father Christmas and when the scent of mulled wine should fill the whole house!

I’ve given up hope of a white Christmas, but I can still imagine crunching through freshly fallen snow, with a present-laden sledge behind me as I deliver the gifts ready for the early risers on Christmas morning.


Although, admittedly, none of my family are in walking distance and I’d probably complain the whole journey about being cold and having wet feet… but then again, that’s what your imagination is for!


Meeting under the mistletoe

Being the weekend before Christmas, the party season should be well underway…



I hope you all take advantage of the mistletoe!


Countdown to Christmas

There are now only 25 sleeps until Christmas!

I am a huge fan of Christmas, I love all the cheesy Christmas songs, the stress of trying to find the perfect present, the endless evenings spent wrapping said presents as well as all the decorations, the hope of snow, sausage rolls and festive feasts.

The best bit is the anticipation for Christmas morning, finding out what Father Christmas has brought (I may be 26, but I am a good girl every year and rewarded appropriately), the promise of a lazy morning with a delicious breakfast, as many family as possible together in the living room around the tree and the look of joy/horror as they unwrap the presents.

In our family, there is always one person that hands out the presents from under the tree, the designated Santa for the morning with festive hat included. I have no idea why, but parents always take so long to open their presents, I think they like to build up their own little pile to make the rest of us jealous.

As you can probably tell, I’m getting into the festive mood just thinking about it!

However, the boyf is one of those unfortunate people to have a December birthday and as a result, we have to wait until after his birthday to get into the full festive swing. I’ve asked him to consider moving it to a more convenient time of year, but apparently this isn’t an option.

Luckily his birthday is on the 4th, I don’t know how I’d cope if it was the 24! So I have a few more days left before I can go into full Christmas mode. But come the 6th (I’m working on the 5th), we’ll be getting the tree out, sorting through our decorations and putting the Christmas music on loud and proud.

I’ve already made a start on re-watching the Harry Potter films, so I’ve had a sneak preview on the festive feelings, but this weekend will be the official start of the countdown to Christmas.

On top of the tree decorating we’re also planning on going to the Elveden Estate, where they have a Christmas market, fluffy dogs pulling trees on sleds and even a reindeer… so now I’m off to do a snow-dance in the hope of completing the winter wonderland atmosphere!


christmas window shopping

’twas the season to be jolly

After days, weeks and/or months of preparation, Christmas Day has now been and gone!

Presents have been given to all the good boys and girls, cookies and carrots left for Santa and his reindeer have been eaten and an excessive Christmas feast has been consumed.

For most of us, today is the day for unpacking travel bags and presents now that we’re back home or maybe sneaking to the sales in the hope of picking up a few things spotted whilst buying presents.

On a much sadder note, for some of my family and friends this has been a really difficult time following the loss of people close to them. I hope they can focus on all of the wonderful memories they shared and know that we are thinking of them.

So as not to leave this post on such a sombre note, here are a few snapshots of some of the cards I sent out this year. I think I sent around 15 in total, which is almost double the usual amount, so I had my first mass produced card, because the design was too cute for just one!

 christmas car card 2013

Hopefully you will recognise one of the designs below as the 2013 update of my girl wrapped up for winter. It’s still not quite there but it’s definitely an improvement! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas,


christmas cards 2013

3 sleeps til Santa

There’s only 3 sleeps to go til Father Christmas comes to visit and I’m feeling pretty smug.

Two whole shopping days left until the day and only one present left to get. I even have a plan in place to get the final gift! All the rest are wrapped and labelled under the tree ready for the journey home on Christmas Eve.

This year I used some quick homemade tags for my presents, attached with some thread. The snowflakes were something I had drawn up already (of course, who doesn’t have a few snowflake outlines lying around!) so all I had to do was colour, cut and add a little bit of Christmassy text to tie them all together.

gift tags

I’m quite happy with them, although the pattern clashes with some of the wrapping paper! So, next year I’d like to try something similar, but go for some brightly coloured baubles and some metallic red thread. And glitter! Can’t believe I forgot the glitter!


xmas gifts

Wrapped up for Winter

Yesterday was the first day that it felt truly like winter.

The air was crisp and fresh, I could see my breath trail behind me as I walked and the breeze was brisk on my cheeks.

My scarf was wrapped close, my hands shoved deep into my pockets and I stomped my way to the station in warm fur lined boots. It was the first time this Winter that it had felt remotely Christmassy, but there was not a Christmas tree, sparkly light nor bauble in sight.

It reminded me of the walk to school in the build up to the Christmas holidays, when the mist would lie low over the village green and the paths would crunch underfoot from the frozen dew.

I can’t believe it’s just over 2 weeks until Christmas… I still have so much to prepare, send and wrap and I feel like I’m knee deep in half finished Christmas Cards! I’m sending out much more than usual this year, to friends I haven’t seen in so long that are scattered around the country. I’m so excited to get in touch with them again… but I’m very quickly running out of Christmassy ideas for the cover!

Below is a girl I drew last summer, wrapped up for the snow (I started my Christmas countdown a lot earlier last year!). I’m looking forward to having another attempt at this for one of my cards and hoping that my sense of scale improves if nothing else!

 wrapped up warm


Festive times

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…

I love Christmas, it’s my absolute favourite time of year!

All the sparkly lights, the hope of snow, the evenings by the fire or snuggled in a blanket, the present hunting, the jolly Christmas tunes, the whisky and cookies by the fireplace (our Father Christmas wasn’t a big fan of milk – how’s that meant to keep him warm in his sleigh?), the carrots and polish for Rudolf (gotta keep his nose bright and shiny) and then the day itself: family time and an epic feast.

Yesterday we got Christmas preparations underway; starting with Love, Actually to set the scene, followed by some Christmas tunes while we dug out the decs. As I assembled our little tree we realised one fatal flaw… we’d left most of our decs at Mum’s as we had no room to store it! So now, we have a little tree with no lights, no star, just the few ornaments we could fit in our little cupboard. Poor little tree.

Luckily (unluckily) for us, kitten has taken it upon herself to be the only decoration we need. I’ve spent all morning chasing her out of the tree, where she has been hitting the few decorations we have on her way to the top and trying to eat the branches – not ideal but at least she’s in the spirit.

Happily, I’ve still got another couple of Christmassy films left over for when I track down the rest of our decs and I’m always happy to break out the Christmas tunes.

I’ve just made a start on my Christmas cards, so I can spread the Christmas mode throughout the festive season. Below are the cards I did last year, so I’m going to have to start thinking of some new designs… Pinterest here I come!

christmas cards 2012